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Ronnie Fieg Introduces the #KithNikeArtifact

I’ve been in the footwear industry for the majority of my life. Starting at age 13 I started paying attention to who was wearing what, and what the trends were. In New York City, walking is the primary choice for transportation. Walking over hard cement or cobblestone streets everywhere primed people in the city to favor athletic footwear. That’s why starting in the late ‘80s, I began to see the overwhelming takeover of the Air Max series in New York.

That’s why I am so excited to partner with Nike to deliver an experience that captures the significance of Air Max in New York City. To commemorate the release of the Nike Air Max Zero, we introduce an exciting new release method, entitled - #KithNikeArtifact. Combining a major element of our KITH SoHo store with the history that the Air Max Zero preceded, we have linked with Snarkitecture to build 100 white cast Nike Air Max Zeros. These custom casts are accompanied by a tri-branded KITH, Nike, and Snarkitecture dust bag, and are housed within a custom box. They also come with 1 ticket, which guarantees the opportunity to purchase the Nike Air Max Zero on March 26th, Air Max Day, at KITH SoHo.

Starting tomorrow, March 21st, we will begin scattering the casts around all 5 boroughs in New York. I chose to place these pieces of history on street corners that were significant to me growing up, when I was falling in love with Air Max and its influence on my culture. These casts will be hidden in vintage NYC call boxes, as a way to communicate the rich history Air Max has here. Once this piece of iconic sneaker memoribilia is found, its yours to keep.

Stay tuned to the @kithnyc Instagram and the @KithSet Twitter for more detailed information behind the #KithNikeArtifact. Happy hunting.