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Common Projects Collection

Common Projects, founded in 2004 by Prathan Poopat, a former Art Director at V Magazine and Flavio Girolami, a Brand Consultant, Common Projects was introduced to the market as a men's luxury footwear brand. The pair met in the mid-1990s at a bar in the East Village of New York - they found themselves working on a lot of collaborative projects together and eventually decided to join forces creating "Common Projects" - paying homage to all the projects they worked on together. Operating in New York City and producing their hand-stitched goods in Italy they procured their own lane of premium casual shoes with a luxurious, timeless, and aesthetically pleasing approach and feel. The original model they challenged their factory to produce was the Achilles. The brand has an extensive collection of model types and colorways including an entire women's line introduced to the market in 2009. 

Taking minimalization to the next level, the only branding you will ever see on a Common Projects silhouette is the illustrious gold foil number branding that can be found on the quarter-panel of every model. Each of the 10 numbers is broken into three sets - the first being a style number, the second being the European size of your shoe, and the third and final numbers being the color code. 

Below is a curated collection inclusive of both men's and women's sized models - ranging from the first model ever produced, the Achilles to their BBall models, and their cult-classic Chelsea Boots. The full range is available now at all Kith shops and 

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