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In 2001, CLAE was launched out of the need for a new approach to footwear, which was to modernize the classic silhouettes to fit today’s active lifestyle. Versatile footwear that moves with you day to night, work to play, that compliments a modern person's wardrobe and lifestyle. Footwear, that is designed for everyday living without sacrificing style or comfort.

CLAE’s commitment to innovation and design has yielded a distinct collection of smart essentials for the modern individual. Taking extra steps by using premium leathers and materials, and emphasizing uncommon comfort and versatility, CLAE creates footwear that evolves and endures. CLAE is where decades of wisdom from the streets and youthful determination meet. Strongly attached to the city of Los Angeles surroundings, CLAE's collection is inspired by their fascination for the City of Angels and its multiple faces that they continue to explore, discover, and love.

For nearly two decades, CLAE has trusted their production to the same workshop that has been thoroughly handcrafting their sneakers since day one. Developed by ISA TanTec, one of the global leaders in sustainable leather innovations, their LITE (Low Impact to the Environment) program provides premium quality materials, while utilizing environmentally-friendly production processes. 

CLAE usees high-quality Italian leathers that have undergone unique techniques, fusing premium milled Nappa leather and nubuck with modern design principles for everyday wearability. The Italian milled Nappa leather provides a supple feel and ages beautifully with time and wear, remaining a closet staple for its timeless design and high-quality material. Italian nubuck leather silhouettes exude sophistication with a classic look and smooth velvet touch. Rethinking the boundaries of conventional fabrics and textiles, they developed recycled silhouettes that are comprised of clean and elevated modern textiles transformed from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (P.E.T.) from plastic bottles that appear soft and smooth when compressed together.

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