Kith Treats x Coca-Cola

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Kith Treats celebrates Kith’s longstanding partnership with the iconic Coca-Cola Company with a fresh take on the classic American refreshment, the Coke Float.

From Friday 8/9 through Sunday 8/11, the time-honored treat gets a reboot, featuring two scoops of Kith Treats vanilla, a selection of Coca-Cola’s more exotic Coke flavors, and corresponding fruit popsicles to match each recipe.  Available specials include:

Georgia Peach Coke + peach popsicle
California Raspberry Coke + raspberry popsicle
Cherry Coke + black cherry popsicle
Orange Vanilla Coke + orange creamsicle

Available at Kith Treats SoHo, Miami and Los Angeles, each float is served in a collectible frosted pint glass, emblazoned with Kith x Coca-Cola co-branding.  Pint glass quantities are limited and will be purchased on a first come, first served basis.