In the spirit of the classic cereal box sweepstakes, Kith Treats will be awarding one lucky individual a monogrammed 1-of-1 spoon.  Constructed from high grade sterling silver, the spoon features an embossed Kith Treats logo on the handle, and a custom extension off of the handle’s top in the shape of our signature Ice Cream Swirl.  Suitable for cereal, ice cream, or strictly a showpiece for display in one’s home or office, the spoon will be an instant collectors’ item.

To be considered, people must fill out and submit the information requested on the perforated panel on the back of the cereal box-inspired packaging from the Treats Proof apparel collection.  

Entries will be accepted through Friday, Sept. 14, 2018, and the winner will be notified via email by Sunday, Sept. 30th.  No purchase is necessary for participation.  Any participant who submits duplicate entries will be disqualified.