Visvim Collection


Since its establishment in 2000, visvim has been on a continuous search for a universal sense of beauty and making products with a true and lasting value.

Each seasonal collection presents footwear, apparel, and accessories designs inspired by genuine artisanship from around the world; a reinterpretation of skills inherited and taught by hand and the heart, passed from one generation to another. visvim intends for its products which take significant time and care to be made, to reach people who develop an appreciation and sentimentality for a beauty that is enjoyed and enhanced over a long time.

Visvim's founder Hiroki Nakamura recalled a story from the mid-1980's when he was roughly 14 years old where he was intrigued by two similar boots where he felt one was superior to the other and questioned why that was. He made it his mission to figure out that answer and since then has kept those same values in his brand - to create genuine high-end products. The name of the brand stems from a predilection of v-lettered words - vis and vim, which in Latin translates to power. A lot of Native American-inspirations can be found in his works, he's even reimagined the removable fringe look based off of Native American clothing.  

Visvim's most recognizable silhouette is the FBT model which is a moccasin-sneaker hybrid, the model name comes from an album cover for Fun Boy Trio where one of the band members wore a moccasin style shoe. "At the age of 17, I was discovering the same functional benefits and beauty in the shoes that Native Americans had worn for centuries before me. They were unlike any shoes I had ever worn before: an upper that covered the foot and wrapped around the whole outsole area, made from naturally tanned elk leather that was incredibly soft and well-aged from years of wear. This particular pair that I was wearing were already modified for city life with an add-on rubber outsole; like the plains and desert-dwelling Native Americans who had added an extra layer of hard leather to the bottom of their moccasins, I had learned that a rubber sole is an absolute necessity for someone living in an urban environment."