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In 1947, the Salomon family wood saws and ski edges' workshop opened up in downtown Annecy, France. The father-son duo produced the finest wood saws and ski edges in this workshop and in 1957 they designed the first Salomon binding dubbed the "le lift" which replaces traditional leather binding straps. In the '60s Salomon upgraded their first binding to feature a self-release heelpiece and this is the first time we see Salomon bindings present in the Olympic games at Portillo, Chile. In 1972, Salomon officially becomes the number 1 binding manufacturer in the world selling over 1 million pairs that year alone. 

In 1979, Salomon pivots from bindings and puts their focus on footwear releasing the Salomon Alpine Boot and it was an immediate success. In 1980, Salomon releases the Salomon Nordic System boot and binding ensemble in the winter season in France and Sweden. Moving into the '90s Salomon has now sold over 10 million pairs of Alpine boots and over 5 million pairs of XC boots since their arrival on the market nearly 10 years prior. Salomon also ventures into summer sports with the launch of their hiking shoes. They also created their first Ski, called the S9000 which made their appearance in the Olympic Games in Albertville. In 2001, Salomon launches the Raid Race, the first XA shoe to arrive on the market as well as the launch of their winter apparel and new Softshell technology. 

Amer Sports acquires Salomon in 2005, pushing the brand towards further innovations with the Custom Fit technology and releasing the Quest Boots. In 2013, Salomon launches the Custom Fit 3D, the next generation liner for the best instant fit as well as undergo a company-wide logo-change. Salomon launches its new Time to Play initiative in 2016, which changes the brand's direction and inspires real people to re-live their youth by taking time out of their days to go outside and play as well as launching the QST range of freeride equipment and gear. Lastly, with an ever so changing market Salomon unveiled the WMN campaign in 2019 which aimed to empower women in the outdoors. 

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