Kith for BMW M3 & M4 Design Study

Introducing the 1989 BMW M3 E30 Ronnie Fieg Edition & 2021 BMW M4 Design Study by Kith. Our focus when working with BMW is to bridge the past and the present...

We began with Ronnie Fieg’s M3 E30 which was sent to BMW in Germany to be completely rebuilt using BMW Classic Parts from the ground up. These original components were sourced from various BMW archives to ensure each element was 100% authentic to the 1989 design specifications to essentially create a brand new car. From there it was modified through the Kith lens, featuring very special Kith BMW Roundel emblems on the hood, trunk, rims and steering wheel, Kith Motorsport badge on the trunk, and embossed Kith Monogram leather interior.

The 2021 M4 represents the evolution of the M3 E30. To showcase this we worked with BMW to apply the design details of the M3 E30 to the M4. First we applied the exact iconic shade of Cinnabar Red, a paint color no longer offered by BMW. The other details were also translated, including the Kith Motorsport badge on the trunk and the embossed Kith Monogram leather interior complete with illuminated Kith headrest badges.

Both of these models are one-of-one and will not be for sale. There is more to come from Kith for BMW 2020. Stay tuned.

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