KITH Presents the West Coast Project

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Having established our unique presence in the streets of New York City, KITH now sets its sights on new territory – Los Angeles. With an increasing demand to deliver our personal aesthetic to the other side of the United States, KITH is proud to announce our latest venture – the West Coast Project.

New York City and Los Angeles stand as the cultural capitals of the US, each teeming with industry leaders in fine arts, entertainment and fashion. Both serve as the two most important port cities in the country, leading to a bicoastal inspiration represented by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. These two colorways separate a fully rounded collection with original KITH apparel, as well as collaborative efforts with Los Angeles-stalwart Stampd and California-native Stance. The assortment will be bolstered by Ronnie Fieg’s latest work with Asics, as he reintroduces the Gel Sight silhouette to the world.

To properly exhibit the collection, KITH has partnered with architectural-design firm Bang3 to create an experiential retail installation:

The goal was to represent KITH's Atlantic/Pacific theme as a dual-spatial experience.  We started by using the main colors, Atlantic-navy and Pacific-light blue, to create two equal inhabitable sections. We conceptualized the oceans into one wave structure that is symmetrically split down the middle. The structure starts on the right side of the store and cantilevers over the entire floor.  Designed to abstract the shape of a wave, it is made up of reflective faceted planes. These mirror panels reflect the color from the floor and opposite wall creating ‘color spaces’ that surround the customer while they shop. The KITH Classics Collection extends along the left side of the store across both waves, symbolically and spatially tying together Atlantic and Pacific. Moving through the store, each wave is a new space in which one becomes submerged.

This one of a kind conceptual space will be located on Abbott Kinney in Venice, CA and will open doors on February 20.