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KITH bridges the physical and cultural gap between Japan and the US with the release of our latest collection - the KITH x Ones Stroke "Genesis" Collection.

Symbolically, this collection holds two meanings - the introduction of Ones Stroke to the US market on a major scale, and the evolution of KITH's prowess as a full-fledged lifestyle brand. Physically, this collection ushers in a new realm of menswear, combining original unique apparel silhouettes with the finest quality Japanese fabrics. Conventional items, such as robes, are reimagined and offered as contemporary outerwear garments with pieces like the reversible Shibuya Robe. Furthering the combination of high and low aesthetics is the Yoyogi Jacket, which counters the classic silhouette of a shawl-lapel blazer with more casual fabrics like camouflage lightweight cotton twill and heavyweight cotton french terry. Familiarity returns in the form of the Aoyama Pant, otherwise known as the Japanese Bleecker Sweat. The usual ankle cuff is replaced with a newly-developed cinch-cuff, which is more adept for seasonal footwear while still providing an incredibly tailored fit. Other goods such as the reversible Roppongi Buckets and Ebisu Blankets elevate this collection past solely apparel by offering universal accessories and home goods. 

The release of this project will serve as a declaration, a tangible testimony, to KITH's progression and unrelenting ambition to deliver the best quality product on the marketplace. This effort will coincide with the opening of our New KITH Shop, which was methodically designed and prepared to display collections such as these. The entire line will be offered in very limited supply, as no more than 48 pieces were created of each style.

The KITH x Ones Stroke "Genesis" Collection will release this Saturday, October 25, at the New KITH Shop 644 Broadway and online at at 11AM EST. This collection will also release in-store only, in even less quantities, at Japan-based boutiques Monkey Time Shinjuku and Beauty & Youth by United Arrows on Tuesday, October 28. 

Model: Victor Cruz
Photography: James Ryang
Styling: Anoma Whittaker