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"Legendary forms meet function in every Sneakerboot, engineered to keep you warm, dry, and visible as style becomes a sanctuary."

KITH partners with NIKE to deliver the latest addition to the New KITH Shop - the NIKE Sneakerboot Installation. This component adds another level of extravagance to our newly-expanded space, while displaying the magnitude of NIKE's latest hybrid collection in proper form. The installation mimics the functionality of each Sneakerboot model, amplifying the purpose behind their intricate designs. Inside the main window displays a large glacial stage upon which the latest NIKE Air Max 90 Sneakerboot WNTR is positioned. Inside, the presentation becomes even more decadent, as the collection's integral theme of "Be Warm, Be Dry, Be Seen" is surrounded by a variety of Sneakerboots perched above LED-lit water troughs, signifying their inherent ability to deliver a "warm, dry, and visible" ride. Nestled beneath each Sneakerboot are names and descriptions explaining their unique individual details. Lastly, large strips of LED-lights hang from a mirror, as each strip bolts light up-and-down in enamoring-fashion.

The NIKE Sneakerboot Installation is located at the New KITH Shop at 644 Broadway now. An assortment of NIKE Sneakerboot models are also available in-store, and for email order, at the New KITH Shop. View the entire offering here.

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