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As fall chills the air, wardrobes casually begin to layer and autumnal tones become relevant. Inspired by vintage campus style and scholarly aesthetic, KITH delivers an intricately detailed project indicative of the current climate. 

The KITH Academy Collection infuses collegiate-inspired apparel silhouettes with contemporary fashion sensibilities. Erudite seasonal fabrics add functionality and comfortability to each piece, echoing KITH's philosophy in quality composition. The assortment exudes a Northeastern attitude, evidenced by garments such as the hooded Greenwich Rugby and the heavyweight cotton lace-up Norwalk Jersey. The waterproof Exeter Fishtail Jacket exhibits customization and adjustability in all realms, while maintaining a clean vintage silhouette. Familiarity returns with updated styles of the essential Bleecker Sweat, while old styles become new with the fusion Meeker Pant. Accompanying the dense offering of apparel are various small accessories, such as a gamut of new KITH Pins.  

The KITH Academy Collection will be available Tuesday, October 14, at the New KITH Shop at 644 Broadway, KITH Brooklyn at 233 Flatbush Ave, and online at at 11AM EST.

Photography: Jerry Buttles

Styling: Mellany Sanchez