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Adding a whole other level of luxury to their arsenal, Buscemi releases the 100MM Metallic. This new iteration sees the staple 100MM silhouette re-crafted in an audacious metallic Italian leather. The high-end luxury sneaker is completely handcrafted in Civitanove, Italy, and features quality detailing such as hand painted edges and gold plated hardware. The leather itself exhibits an almost reflective appearance, due to the natural shine it possesses. The model is entirely tonal, with no color differential seen throughout. The midsole was heat treated to reduce the effects that wear would have on such decadent paint. Two color options arrive - Gold and Rose Gold - each model equally unique and exquisite. Both models are accompanied by a tassel-key which is used to unlock the front hardware for ornate accessibility. The Buscemi 100MM Metallic - Gold and Rose Gold are available now at Kith Manhattan and online at KithNYC.com.

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