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Kissena Court Restoration by Kith for Wilson

Queens is the epicenter of tennis, home of the U.S. Open tournament. This inspired us to work with Wilson to restore a local court in Queens so that the community can enjoy it for generations to come.

The tennis court at Kissena Corridor Park was in need of refurbishment. The court is a mainstay for the neighborhood and continues to be used frequently.

We created a new color palette and design. Then with the help of Wilson, Laykold, Recycle Balls, and the NY Parks Dept. - the restoration was executed with sustainable resurfacing technologies which redirect discarded tennis balls from landfills and uses them to maintain court surfaces.

The newly restored Kith for Wilson Court is now open for public use. Located in the Ella Fitzgerald Playground portion of the park, at 190th Street & Underhill Avenue.