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Lola James Harper

woody office of daddy candle


Mahogany Wood and Sandalwood scent

Daddy is our old pal… His office is like an ancient library… He loves pencils, paper, notebooks, rubber, wood tools…. The smell of that office just talks about time, about patience, about hand-made work… A place where to realize things…

A mix of mineral and vegetal (sunflower and coconut wax), cotton wick

Natural ingredients include Patchouli, Texas Cedar, Carrot seeds, Orris, and Vetiver

This candle is made of hard wax. To allow the scent to perfume your space, we recommend burning the candle 2 to 3 hours at a time. It will reduce the amount of wax left on the sides of the glass, and extend the life of your favorite candle.
It is recommended you wait for the top layer of wax to be fully melted before you extinguish it.

After each use, always cut the wick for it to be no longer than 0.5 cm at all times - this will avoid black smoke and improve the scent diffusion.

Paper boxes are 70% made of recycled paper and are 100% recyclable

No animal-derived ingredients Meeting IFRA Standards + Washington Convention / C.I.T.I.E.S Standards

Made in France


Style: LJH-CANDLE-16

Material: Wax