People Footwear Spring 2015 Collection

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Based in Vancouver Canada, People Footwear is the newest brand to join KITH's extensive catalogue. Taking cues from timeless footwear silhouettes, People Footwear updates each component using a unique knitting-process, as well as 3D-printing to create a very lightweight contemporary sneaker. Two silhouettes comprise the brand's debut collection - The Stanley and The Phillips - both of which arrive in various colorways. KITH is proud to be the exclusive retailer of People Footwear, launching their Spring 2015 line to the world. The Phillips is available in Black and Supreme Red, while The Stanley is offered in Black/Grey, Social Blue/Grey, Black, and Supreme Red. The Stanley in Black/Grey and Social Blue/Grey are online exclusives, while the rest of the People Footwear Spring 2015 Collection is available now at KITH Manhattan and online at