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Clae returns once more with the second installment of their Fall/Winter 2014 collection. This time, the footwear brand delivers more cult-favorite silhouettes, such as the Mills, Ellington, and Strayhorn, all draped in black. The Mills utilizes a combination of leather and nylon canvas. The leather exhibits premium quality, evidenced by its natural wrinkle, while the nylon canvas vamp provides a sense of durability. The midsole is crafted from cork, adding a unique style to the model, as well as providing classic comfort. The outsole is translucent, and serrated, providing an all-new look for this redesigned runner. The Ellington is wrapped in a debossed leather, which displays a cross-check pattern. The tonal cupsole is lightweight and comfortable, while the front is laced by tonal round waxed laces. Lastly, the Strayhorn receives an update, as it is adorned with a blusterous Vibram outsole. The chukka style remains intact, crafted from a debossed leather, while the outsole subtly changes the appearance of the model. Both the Mills and Ellington are available now at both Kith NYC locations, while the Strayhorn Vibram is available now solely at Kith Manhattan. All three styles from the Clae Fall/Winter 2014 Collection Part II however are available now online at

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