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KITH welcomes European-footwear brand Vico to its shelves, introducing the brand via their Fall/Winter 2014 collection. Vico harps on the idea of quality, as well as being made in Europe. Pledging to only work with the finest European leathers, as materials are imported from Rotterdam, Montebelluna, and Porto to provide a precise aesthetic. Vico crafts the entire gamut of footwear from lace-ups to sneakers to vintage boots, each designed in Italy but handcrafted in Portugal. Three variations of styles comprise their seasonal offering, including the Hoxton boot, the Stanton sneaker, and the Clifford shoe. Every model arrives in two separate makeups, providing prime options while remaining minimalist in terms of design. The Hoxton boot is available in Black and Dark Brown, and is composed of a rich treated leather, crafted to age with beauty. The contrast collar features trapunto detailing, adding an element of flair to high-cut silhouette. The Stanton sneaker, available in Black and Navy/Brown, offers a dual-material execution, as the upper is primarily leather with a lush suede collar. Lastly, the Clifford shoe, despite being the most simple model, is presented with the widest variety of materials. The toe and heel exhibits a determined suede, while the saddle is a tonal textile material, and the face panels are a tonal leather. Each of the six models included in Vico's Fall/Winter 2014 collection is available now at both Kith NYC locations and online at

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