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Luxury-brand Buscemi has at last released their Fall/Winter 2014 collection, ripe with 100MM models, as well as a sole 125MM. Buscemi, brain child of footwear veteran Jon Buscemi, hangs its hat on quality. Each calfskin leather shoe is handcrafted in Civitanove, Italy utilizing accoutrements such as vachetta leather lining and footbeds, and 18k gold plated hardware fastened by a functional padlock. Four 100MM models bolster the collection, consisting of an original Orange makeup, as well as the classic carryovers - Red, Black, and White. While those four bolster the collection, the all new 125MM solidifies it, with a beautiful Black/Navy dressing. Each shoe features a durable Margom outsole, and comes with keys to properly utilize the padlock. All five models of the Buscemi Fall/Winter 2014 collection are available now at both Kith NYC locations and online at KithNYC.com.

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