Kith Fabric Development

Delivery 1 of Kith Fall 2018 revolves around four primary fabrics that were custom-milled specifically for this collection. These fabrics set the foundation upon which each silhouette was crafted, resulting in a cohesive wardrobe perfectly suited for the season.

900 GSM Wool

The wool we custom-milled for Fall 2018 is double-faced for optimal warmth. The 80% wool / 20% polyester blend creates a very soft texture while retaining the wool's substantial nature. This fabric was used for our Becker Overcoat and Carlton Zip Hoodie.

350 GSM Corduroy

Our approach to developing corduroy for the fall season was atypical. The goal was to create a thick sturdy weight that was incredibly soft to the touch. To achieve the weight we opted for 8 wale to make the texture more pronounced. The 350 GSM 100% cotton was the perfect middle ground for ideal warmth in a casual sense.

500 GSM Cotton Fleece

We continue to evolve our fleece program with each season, and this one is no different. Our newest fleece is a perfect balance of density and wearability. The 500 GSM 100% cotton is our heaviest weight to date, however, through garment-dying and a brushed reverse side we were able to soften the fabric so its weight didn't feel overbearing. It's sturdy with a lot of give, which we are incredibly proud of.

500 GSM Cotton Jersey

A level of familiarity was important to us when crafting our cotton jersey this season. We wanted it to feel of equal value to our fleece, but be able to be used both as a layering piece or on its own. This is why we increased the weight to 500 GSM but with a tight knitting technique to give it a shirting quality.

Kith Fall 2018, Delivery 1 releases on September 28 at 11AM EST on