Butterfly Effect Exhibition by Evren Erol at the Arsham/Fieg Gallery


Evren Erol born in İstanbul in 1977 is a graduate of Yıldız Technical University’s Department of Serigraph and from the Faculty of Fine Arts Sculpture Department in Marmara University. His work looks to develop alternative methods to existing reality. The art is an expression of Erol’s questioning language through a space of freedom. The thoughts and the concepts shaping his statues and his own existence are a reflection of the change in subconsciousness. Erol’s art addresses concepts such as change, transformation, contrast, rejection, and acceptance. Erol has also shown his work in Daire Sanat “Optimism of the Mind” (2018) and at Bozlu Art Project  “Creations/Creatures Of Mind” (2016), “Red Line” (2015), and “Discovering the Self/ The Reason” (2012). 

Evren Erol addresses the butterfly effect theory in the imagery of his sculptures. This sculpture series comprises of abstract forms arising from the thoughts of possessing power to change the flow of the universe or standing at the junction of decisions that bring transformation to our lives. “Butterfly Effect” invites audiences to contemplate the timeline of our choices that effect our future.